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Starter Control Wiring for A Pump into Two Different Houses

 This article is about Starter control wiring and power wiring for Pump starter control to fill water into two houses or flats with one pump. The control system drawing is included in this article for easy to understanding control from two houses to one pump.

Continue read the article which explains Motor starter control wiring and power wiring that fills water with a single pump for two different home water tanks.

In this Pump Starter Control Panel Wiring is possible through two DP switches from the two different houses. Once the pump is started from first or second house, it is not possible to start the pump from the next home / flat. Interlock connected between the two power-contactor. This is because the interlock is arranged to refuses turn on from the next contactor control supply flow of these two home to the motor at a time. It means protects pump motor against from short circuit.

How to wire Starter Control Panel for a Pump for Two House?

The supply to coil points A1 on the contactor is through the Normal Close (NC) contact on the opposite contactor. But the neutral can be connected directly to contactor coil point A2.

In the above shown drawing K1- NC and K2- NC is separates the contactor control supply from the two houses.

If the pump is turned on from the first house, the K1 contactor will be energized. But starter control wiring the second contactor does not work at any reason as the contactor Normal Close (NC) in it is open.

Similarly, if the pump is turned on from the second house, the K-2 contactor will be energized. But the first contactor does not work at any reason as the contactor Normal Close (NC) in it is open.

The both phase controls are interconnected with on contactor normal close (NC). So, there for will gets power supply to the pump motor at a time only from one house. That is, only one command is possible at a time. That is the advantage of this pump control wiring.

Previously a drawing of how to operate a pump from four houses is described. Click on the link below to know this starter control wiring how working.

Pump Solenoid Valve Control

The valve to both houses can be controlled automatically in this system. For this, each wire have to connected to the coil of the solenoid valve from coil points A1 - A2 of the respective power contactor.

Click below download button for Solenoid Valve Control drawing download. 

Power Wiring in Pump Control Panel

See the drawing of the pump control panel, Both Power connections are directly connected to the contactor from the respective source.

DP Switch 1 output directly connected to first connector in control Panel. Then neutral and phase connected to K1 Contactor L1, L3 (1, 5).

DP Switch two output is directly connected to Second connector in control Panel. Then neutral and phase connected to K2 Contactor L1, L3 (1, 5).

Neutral is connected in both contactor output to T1 parallel. The phase supply is connected in both contactor output to T3 parallel. T1, T3 connected for Neutral and Phase supply to respective output motor terminal connector 1 & 3. The terminal 2 connector and motor control panel metal enclosure should be grounded in Starter Control Wiring for human safety. The pump motor body also need separate earthing.


I think so, you understand what is the control and power connection from this article and how to wire control system for one pump into two houses. Control system from four houses to a pump

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