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Multiple Control for a Water Pump Motor from Different Home

In this article explain how to do multiple control for a water pump motor from different home power source. Also, you could download the all drawings from this article. Click and download given below download button.

Common Water Pump for Homes

If You want to give power supply from multiple homes / flats as and when required by individually to start single phase common water pump, read and know about it control from this article. the benefit is this control panel can fill the water into your tank individually by consuming your own electricity (power source). It is very reliable, simple and easy motor control system in the electrical control wiring. If you want make fully automatic this system read this "Automatic water level controller connection for pump"


Use of Motor Control Panel

If so, as above mentioned, then have to been use multiple timers, power contactors and auxiliary contacts in the Motor Control Panel. In this control system when switching to start the pump motor should get power supply to motor from only one house at a time. So, to fill water to our tank, this panel is safe method to consuming our electricity. Once start the pump from any home, in case try to starting and switched ON the pump motor from another home, the pump will start with delay time only when switched off from the first house. So, the both power source will not clash and short circuit.

This Pump control system allows each customer to turn on the switch when they need water and turn it off when they have fill water in the tank.


As you can see above, it is a simple control wiring with contactors to start a pump motor from different homes or flats.


What are the Materials Required

1, 3 pole contactor 230 VAC coil (select your pump capacity)

2, 4 NC ad-on block

3, On Delay Timer 230 VAC coil

On Delay timers are most common on Star delta control system using to change star to delta.

Power and Control Drawing download links

Power Wiring of Motor Control Panel;

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Control Diagram Motor Control Panel;

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Control Wiring with devices;

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