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What is Power and Control Wiring

We can see Power Wiring and Control Wiring by looking at the power distribution panels in any industry.

The main purpose of control wires is to transmit information or communicate in an electrical system. We Can see the heating equipment, Air Conditioning system and low voltage control system are use  control wiring both residential and commercial purposes.

In control panel system control voltage we can see 24 VAC or 24 VDC, 48 VAC, 110 VAC, 230 VAC and 420 VAC. It is depending with control devices PLC, VFD, Relays and Contactor etc...

What is Control Wiring and how is it different from Power Wiring?

In large commercial and industrial applications line voltage control systems are used for various. Special control systems such as pneumatic control, electric and electronic control systems are used to control large industrial systems. With control wires we can  control or manage any equipment in the electrical system.

E.g. In large motor control systems such as water pump control use control wiring and power wiring both to motor control in industrial (DOL Starter). The control wiring only transmit the command to energize the magnetic contactor coil. When the contactor is energize, in the magnetic contactor power wiring through transmit the current into a device.

Power Wiring

The Power Wiring use to transfer power to a device, you can see the power wiring and control wiring by looking at the power distribution panels in any industry. We see an incoming bus bar in an electrical panel, which connects the power to the MCCB and then supplies it, so all these wiring is power wiring. On the same panel we can see a multi-function meter, which is a control wiring. An example of this would be a Program Logic Control (PLC) panel.

What is Power and Control Wiring

In this we can see the power wiring and control wiring, but there will be more control wiring, starting with the power wiring in the PLC control panel and connecting to a. MCB It is then converted to 24V DC and connected to a PLC and then through the control wiring to the input and output of the PLC connection. High gauge wires use for power wiring, but low gauge wires use for control wires.

Control Wiring

The connection of the field device to the control system or sensor wiring is all control wiring, for which the cables used will be shielded cables. The power cable has very few cores compared to the control cable. The PLC input wiring will contain multiple feedback from sensors and other field equipment, and all of these wiring will be called Control wiring.

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