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Automatic Water Level Controller Connection | Submersible Starter

Learn more about connection in to a Submersible Starter with Fully Automatic Water Level Controller and water Level Sensor for up and down tank. Automatic water level controller can connect with all type of pump motor starter and Submersible Starter. You can download drawing all type of starter and Submersible Starter control wiring from this article.

Automatic Water Level Controller Connection

What is Water Level Controller,


This controller is normally using in homes and industries for overhead tank water filling.

 An automatic water level controller can auto starting and stop for Submersible pumps and normal pump motors. This fully automatic water level sensor controller direct working in Single phase only (230 V AC). We can auto ON and Off of 3 phase pump motors also with some modification in motor control panel. The water level device's can easily connect into the control circuit of 3 phase Motor Control Panel (MCP) where using heavy contactor.

Automatic water level controller getting different types and different models for motor starters from various manufacturers. We have made and explain many videos for fully automatic water level controller connection on our YouTube channel.

Two types controller available in the market in various price. Fully Automatic water level controller price depends upon your Pump Motor load (KW or HP).

You can click below to buy or know price;

1, Automatic water level controller level indicator with Overhead Tank Sensor.

2, Automatic water level controller level indicator for submersible pump with Up and Down Tank Sensor.

Fully Automatic Water Level Controller Circuit Diagram for Submersible Starter;

You can click below and download all the control diagrams;

1, Capacitor Start with Overhead Tank Sensor diagram

2, Capacitor Start with up and down Tank Sensor diagram type 1

3, Capacitor Start with up and down Tank Sensor diagram type 2

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 Water Level Controller Sensor Connection 

This fully automatic water level controller using in submersible motor which required auto starting torque with starting capacitor. So, this type starters are available additional NO point (C1 and C2) as you can see in the picture. The C1 and C2 points are to connect across with the start push button of the motor control panel. Not need to use this connection for direct starter.  

The device along with 6 Anti Corrosion Stainless Steel sensors and screws free available in this package. This steel sensors using for upper tank and lower water source, it is using 3 sensors for upper tank and 3 sensors for underground tank.

This model has dry run protection so it can only work motor if water present in underground source or sump. So, if not using sensor for underground source or sump, simply connect water tank sensor UH, UL and C in the water level controller as you can see in the picture.

Automatic Water Level Controller Manual and Auto function

The fully automatic water level controller working with two modes, one is auto and other one manual. The Auto mode work with water level sensing on high and low level sensor. but manual mode directly working in the controller. So, there is no any controls with water level sensor, Starter and motor continuously work in manual mode, till stop in the controller. 

Sometimes should be have to use manual mode, that’s why Auto and Manual modes are available in the Automatic Water Level Controller.

This type of liquid level controller automatically switched ON and OFF all type of Pump Motor with Liquid or water level sensing. It is universal model controller, which support to all types of Motor and Starters.

This type controller is suitable to single phase and three phase starter control panel. This water level controller is can be connected with and without motor starter. you can see here some of automatic water level controller circuit diagram.

Benefit of 'Water Level controller'

Electricity and Water saves at home and industries, that is main benefits a water level controller.

I hope this article will provide you sufficient information to install a Fully Automatic Water Level Controller yourself.

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