What is Off Grid Solar Power System

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 This guide may help you to know what is off-grid solar power system in solar system. There are two types of solar systems first on grid and second off grid and in this article we are going to describe about off grid solar system. I think it can help people to understand more deeply and gain more knowledge.

Even today many people wonder what solar panels are and how to design an off-grid solar system. Anyway, this article will be a good guide for people who are planning to install an off-grid solar system.

Off Grid Solar System Capacity

 An off-grid solar system is not connected to the grid supply and requires battery storage for backup. Off-grid solar systems should be appropriately designed according to demand. These should be chosen with the ability to generate enough power in any weather and charge the battery even during rainy season and generally when there is very little sunlight. Their capacity should be decided on the battery capacity to meet the needs of the household.

Disadvantages of Off Grid Solar System

In the past, off-grid solar systems were used in places where there was no grid electricity or in remote areas. But with the development of advanced technology, off-grid solar system can be used connected to grid supply. Off-grid systems are much more expensive than on-grid systems because of the high cost of batteries and off-grid inverters. However, as companies come up with new technologies in battery manufacturing, the cost in this area is also decreasing. Hence, there is now a growing market for off-grid solar systems in villages and even cities.

Key Components of Off Grid Solar System

An off-grid solar system has four main components in addition. The Off-Grid solar system usually consists of solar panels, batteries, MPPT charge controller, Inverter and solar panel mounting structure. 

1, Grid charging on off inverter (MPPT supported Inverter)

2, MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking)

3, Solar Panel (PV Array, Solar Module)

4, Battery (C-10 Lead Acid, LiFePo4 etc.)

DC cable, cable connector, DC DB and panel structure are also required in addition to the following components.

What is solar pcu

Instead of using the usual inverter and mppt, solar pcu is now commonly used in off grid systems. Solar PCU (inbuilt MPPT inverters called Solar PCU) can be used in off-grid system instead of normal solar inverter. The difference is mppt is used externally for normal inverters as compared to solar pcu.

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