Inverter Installation and Inverter DB Wiring with RCCB

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In this article, I will explain an Inverter installation and Inverter DB wiring with RCCB in the 12-way distribution board 2 single phase RCCB and 8 MCB. You can learn the complete information about installation of inverter with wiring diagram for our home. 

Inverter Connection in Distribution Board;

Inverter connection in a 12 way Distribution board, let us set 2 single phase RCCBs and 8 MCBs. As shown in picture, first set a RCCB and 4 MCBs and next as a second set with a Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB) with another set of 4 MCBs. The 4 MCBs are looped below as in the diagram. The second set is also looped similarly. We have allocated for the inverter, the entire second set. Make sure to connect the respective neutrals to the neutral link bars and earth wires as shown.

Inverter Installation and Inverter DB Wiring with RCCB

 The socket shown is to deliver power to the inverter. And a 2-way switch acts as a bypass from the main supply to the second set, If the inverter has to be removed or is damaged. The second set of MCBs can receive power through this switch even in the absence of an inverter.

Connections of Inverter;

For the output, we have to connect from the socket on the inverter to the top of the switch. Only one wire needs to go from the socket behind the inverter through a plug to the top of the switch; 3 pins can be seen behind the 2 Way switch.


 Many have doubts as to if this rccb goes off, how do we get a neutral? The short answer is, we will get the neutral from the inverter itself.  All neutral points in the inverter are common. Hence, a single wire as output enough. The neutral we have is through the which the return is made available to the neutral link bar. And from the neutral link bar, the second Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB) gets the neutral. Inverter’s neutral through the plug top is returned to the main neutral link bar. Through the wire shown in the diagram, the RCCB gets the return and we get the phase and neutral at the input.


The main supply 4 MCBs that can be used for motor, fridge and power loads, these will only work with the main supply. From the inverter wiring diagram, an output from the fourth MCB provides complete supply for the second set. Therefore, make sure to use a wire with sizable gauge. All these loads will come through this MCB. Use an MCB of at least 10 A and a wire of 4 Sq mm. We usually do not have heavy loads in our rooms, the fan only becomes as a load, others will be just CFL or LED bulbs, which is not a lot. We have to use MCBs of at least 10 Amp though.

Working of Inverter RCCB;

In the event of a shock, Both RCCB trips immediately. Normally, the receive supply from the mains when wired as shown.  The phase supply coming through the mains, goes into the inverter and delivers output. When there is main supply, the power from the first set of MCBs comes directly to the inverter, the relay inside the inverter bypasses the supply to the second set of MCBs. Hence, when there is a shock, both will trip.


When the mains supply is gone, the inverter immediately will start to function, the AC supply produced by the inverter gives power through the 2 way switch to second RCCB. So, in case get a shock on whichever output line will trip this RCCB. At the same time, the main RCCB doesn’t trip. It is due to fact the there is no return supply to this part.

I hope your doubts are cleared through our article of an Inverter Installation and Inverter DB Wiring with RCCB.

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