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How to Install Solar Off Grid System

 In this article, we would explain how to install solar off grid system and important matters that you have to follow for proper installations of solar off grid system.

Installation of Solar Panels (PV Panel)
How to Install Solar Off Grid System

Every household now wants to own solar power which is in high demand. But due to ignorance, awareness and superb support of the government, the customer always has difficult to purchasing this product and even installations. Many engineers, home buyers and electricians buy the solar energy system, but they do not know how to install it properly.


Roof Space selection for Solar panels

It is important to know the available roof space for installing solar panels otherwise you can select the wrong size solar panel. This can be difficult if you buy more solar panels with less space for solar panels.

Small to big panels are available in the market in various sizes and ranging from 10 watts to larger sizes 375 watts in many types. You can buy it based on your requirement and the benefits of the product.

If you less space in roof or open land need more power (watts) then you should buy small size panels in more power. If you have large space available in roof or open land, then you should buy large size panels in less power to fulfill your requirements. You can see in the market various size, models and wattages of PV panel. So when buy solar panels, should know and decide our model and requirement.

Mounting Structure of Solar Panels

Normally, Roof mounted structures are more popular among residential buyers. Many solar companies make roof mounting stand producing for our easy installation and its will getting very low price. During creation of mounting structure, you should keep in mind select south facing area, where you get more sun light, during the maximum time where there should not any shading in sunny day.

Solar Panel Joint and Connection

Connect solar panels to parallel or series connections with wire as required. The connection should be tight and there should not be any loose wiring as it affects the efficiency of solar panels. During inclement weather conditions, there is a possibility of short circuit, so you should not compromise on poor quality wiring.

All pillars are filled with solid concrete, so it should provide protection to mounted structures.

Inverter Battery Connection

We can connect the batteries parallel or series as per the requirement of our solar inverter input DC voltage. It may be vary the voltage of inverter each company design.

Solar Panel with Home Appliances

For home solar power system, it may take some time to understand all of the above; installing solar panels on your roof is very simple. Once you use solar energy it gives joy and excitement, you can run all the appliances in your home like TV, Computer, LED Bulb, Ceiling Fan, Water Pump etc. 

The solar power system was innovated many decades ago but we are now using it with full efficiency. This generation is fortunate that we have got alternative energy like solar.

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Essential components
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a. Solar panel
b. Batteries
c. Inverter
d. Charge controller

Out of your toolbox, you’ll want to take out a few items like copper wire, breaker, meter, fuses and MC4 connector.

1. Calculate the load
2. Select the battery
3. Select the solar panel(s)
4. Select charge controller
5. Select the inverter
6. Mount the solar panel
7. Connect the components
8. Wire the components

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