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Digital Timer Control Switch Connection and Working

Digital Timer Control Switch generally use when we want to control our connected load through ON and OFF as required.

Timer Control Connection

This digital timer we can control 5 Amp load directly and if you have more than 5 Amp load, you have to connect external power contactor. So in this blog we explain Digital timer control wiring, and configuration.

Timer Switch Control Direct Connection Diagram

In below this drawing as shown light connect directly to the timer control. We can connect Maximum load of 70% of 5 Amps direct in this Digital Timer.

Timer Switch Control Connection Diagram with Contactor

In below this drawing as shown one Power Contactor coil A1 and A2 directly connect with the timer control 'Normal Open' (NO). This way we can connect maximum load of 70% of Contactor Capacity or current through the contactor contacts. it is a safe method and protect our timer controller from over current.

All the street light timer control panel power supply controlled with Magnetic contactor. Because of the load more than 5 Amps and many more lights connected with parallel supply in the panel.

If you have more than 5 Amp load, you can connect your load via contactor as above the control diagram. For more information of digital timer setting just watch our YouTube channel AKR Technical

Digital Timer Control usage

Normally a digital timer keep a track of time for to trigger an action. The main usage of timer control, The timers start and stop the control supply our instrument time controlled by pre-activated time. Most Timers are programmable, but others can be fixed at a fixed internal time and function.

The program timer is a simple circuit in series of a control panel. This timer circuit is used to switch on / off an instrument. Digital timers are available in many types and models with LCD display. Programmable timers are used for Industrial and domestic.

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